Sugar & Spice Farm’s Rabbitry is home to our amazing french angoras. These fluff balls provide us with luxurious fiber for spinning and other projects, as well as playing a vital role in our compost system. Their laid-back temperament and all around friendliness makes them even more of a joy to work with.

Our rabbits are raised on organic feed and as natural as we can manage. We strive to produce a well rounded rabbit; Healthy, happy, and with tons of vibrantly colored wool to spare. Interested in one of our rabbits?

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Angora are one of the oldest types of domesticated rabbit, originating from Turkey, historically known as Angora. They were a popular pet for 18th century French royalty, but first appeared in the United States in the early 20th. The French Angora is thought to be the closest in looks to the first rabbits brought from Angora. They are distinguished from other breeds by their clean face and is one of the breeds with the most color variety.