Our Herd


Six years ago I started doing extensive research about goats. As I researched, I found myself drawn to the Nigerian Dwarf goat; Their small stature, dog like personality and then there was the 10% butter fat giving the sweetest tasting milk… And ill be honest the sweet little kid pictures might of had something to do with my partiality. 


So with all my new found knowledge I set out to convince my dad to get a goat and because you could not jut have one I had to get two.   A few months went by and my mom and I went to go “look at a goat”. 


And we came home with a yearling doe and kid. My dreams came true, I had goats I was a legit farm girl! My poor dad was a bit surprised at first, but five years later he fights me to give the kids their bottle. I think I convinced him


I have completely fallen in love with my little milk herd and even though its not always easy, it is very fulfilling and on my worst days a few minutes with the goats always lifts my spirts.