Sugar and Spice Farms is an urban farm located in Chino Hills, California. We may not have our big red barn and sprawling acreage yet, but that hasn’t stopped us! Our current endeavors include a thriving backyard garden, coop full of chickens, rabbitry, and a herd of goats down the road. We continue to learn as we go, implementing as many natural and sustainable methods as we can with our animals and products.


Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Don’t let their size fool you! Our dairy goats are chock full of personality and plenty of rich, buttery milk, an ideal ingredient for luxurious soaps. The nigerian dwarf goat’s friendly nature and small stature make them a smart option for the urban farmer and a joy to work with.

Our Goats

Artisan Soaps

Our soaps are made by hand using the cold press method and in small batches. Made from high quality oils, herbs from our garden, and of course, our own goats milk! Gentle on your skin and in a variety of scents, Sugar & Spice soaps make an excellent gift or excuse to spoil yourself.

Our Soap

Angora Rabbits

These fluff balls are more than just fun to cuddle! Producing one of the softest types of fiber and definitely smaller than a flock of sheep, we think angora rabbits are the perfect companion for any fiber artist, or someone just looking for some extra ‘warm and fuzzy’ in their life.

Our Rabbits